A Proven Leader & Business Owner

Heather’s Plan for Louisiana


Protect Our Jobs & Industries

Heather understands that we won't create a better Louisiana by excessively taxing and regulating our hard working families and job creators. She will fight to reduce taxes, cut ridiculous regulations and bring new industries to rural Louisiana.


Invest in Local Infrastructure

District 28 pays the same amount in taxes as major metropolitan areas, but does not see the investment returned to our local communities. As your state senator, Heather will secure vital funding to invest in improving local roads and bridges.


Make Government Work Harder

As a small business owner, Heather understands hard work, risk and sacrifice. We have to budget smarter, plan longterm and stop living for the next fiscal crisis. Our businesses cannot fill budget gaps with higher taxes and neither should state government. We must also invest in local public and technical schools to give every child a chance to receive the quality education they need to be successful.