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Get to Know Heather



I, first and foremost, am a faithful servant of Christ, wife of Louisiana entrepreneur Jody Cloud for nearly 18 years, and the blessed mother of two sons, Logan, age 16 and Ethan age 12.

I am a college degreed educator; however, I’ve been out of the public classroom since 2005. I value our Louisiana educators as heroes in shaping our youth.

Since 2003, my husband and I have established two Louisiana small businesses together and built them from the ground up. We own and operate Jody Cloud Trucking, which includes a small fleet of 18-wheelers. We specialize in aggregate distributions across central and northern Louisiana, as well as agricultural equipment for the forestry industry. 

In 2011, my husband and I joined the restaurant industry primarily for the good of our community. Our café provides local jobs for our people, establishes a place for folks to gather, and provides additional revenue through our sales tax remittance.

In 2017, at the age of 35, I was diagnosed with cancer. Shortly after, I was informed that the cancer had metastasized beyond my thyroid to numerous lymph nodes which were spreading along the right side of my neck.

Surgery was performed at MD Anderson on November 6, 2017. I was told I would need to do a radioactive treatment. When I returned to MD Anderson to receive the treatment, they conducted a series of tests prior to the treatment. The doctor determined that I was completely cancer free. I am a woman of great faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and I believe in present-day miracles. 

For nearly 8 years, I have held an executive government position as Mayor of Turkey Creek. Though small in population, Turkey Creek owns a large utility system supplying water throughout northern Evangeline Parish. Therefore, the Mayor serves as director of operations and finance for this asset. This experience has offered me a wealth of knowledge and “hands on” experience in protocol set by the DHH and DEQ to operate systems and provide water to thousands of residents. Through the years, I have managed million dollar budgets, negotiated government contracts, and managed countless personnel across government and private businesses.

I also served as the President of the Evangeline Parish Tax Commission from 2011 to 2018.

My venture into government began in 2010. I was asked by members of our village to consider running for the office of Mayor. There were countless financial and bookkeeping issues recognized by the Louisiana Auditors. Within the first year, I achieved major strides in compliance corrections both in the village’s business and accounting practices. Today, policy, protocol, and procedures are set in stone, and our village works as a well-maintained machine.

I also serve on the Republican Party of Louisiana’s state board as an elected member for Evangeline Parish.